Roman Ruby™ Basil

A ruby coloured, classic flavoured Basil

Roman Ruby™ Ocimum basilicum

  • Stronger, classic Basil flavour
  • Vibrant ruby colour
  • More Italian flavour than other Basil types
  • Cutting grown for consistent, strong flavour

Common Name: Basil

Description: Stronger than other ruby types of Basil available, you can now add colour, style and full flavour in cooking, salads and the garden. Roman Ruby™ Basil is vigorous and well-branched, with large colourful leaves. Attractive light purple flowers appear in late summer to autumn. This plant not only gives you designer flare in the garden, but also in cooking, with Italian Basil flavour and stylish colour.

Cooking Uses: Use like normal Basil in many dishes, but with a touch of colour and stronger flavour. Add some flare to salads and bakes, make ruby pesto, add to vinegar for colour, be creative! If you want to make Basil the hero of your dish, use the full recommended amount, otherwise for a more subtle Basil flavour use 1/2 the suggested amount. 

Size: Approx. 30cm H x 30cm W

Planting, Growth and Tolerances: Great colour and form in any garden, balcony or window pot. Plant 25-30cm apart in late spring or summer in well drained, fertile soil. Roman Ruby™ is an annual Basil that does not like cold and prefers full sun to very light shade. Grows from late spring, summer and early autumn. 

Care: Keep soil moist, avoid over watering or waterlogged conditions. In spring, use a slow release fertiliser and/or incorporate compost into the soil. Avoid over fertilising. If necessary, apply a light application of quick release as required (usually only for pots). Prune/harvest a little every few weeks for a longer-lived plant. For best leaf production, remove flower buds as they appear. 

Flavour Rating:  chefhat



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