Pure Italian™ Basil

Strong, rich, classic Italian Basil

Pure Italian™ Ocimum basilicum 

  • Strong and rich, classic Italian Basil
  • Large, glossy green leaves
  • Generous fragrance
  • Cutting grown for consistent, strong flavour

Common Name: Italian Basil

Description: Traditional taste with style, intensity, and a beautiful aroma. The pure essence of this gorgeous Italian flavour is hard to beat. Get consistent flavour throughout your dishes when you use cutting grown, Pure™ Italian Basil. Large glossy green leaves with white flowers in summer and autumn make this Basil a staple in any herb garden.  

Cooking Uses: Use for a strong, real Italian flavour in tomato dishes, pastas, bakes, meat dishes, pizza, and the purest pesto you have ever tasted. Use 1/3 of the recommended amount in traditional recipes, but to make Pure™ Italian Basil the star of your dish use the full recommended amount.

Size: Approx. 30cm H x 25cm W

Planting, Growth and Tolerances: A great form with large glossy leaves, ideal for any herb garden, pot or planter box. Plant 25-30cm apart in well drained, fertile soil, full sun to very light shade. Pure™ Italian is an annual Basil that does not like cold, it grows from late spring, summer and early autumn. 

Care: Keep soil moist, avoid overwatering or waterlogged conditions. Best planted in late spring or summer. In spring, use a slow release fertiliser and/or incorporate compost into the soil. Avoid over fertilising. If necessary, apply a light application of quick release as required (usually only for pots). Prune/harvest a little every few weeks for a longer-lived plant. For best leaf production, remove flower buds as they appear.

Flavour Rating: chefhat



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