OzViva™ Oregano

Traditional delicate Oregano flavour

OzViva™ Origanum spp. 'OREG01'


Common Name: Oregano

Description: A mild flavoured herb with a traditional delicate Oregano taste. This herb is ideal for background flavour where the herb is along for the ride rather than the hero of the dish.

Planting, Growth and Tolerances: This herb has a great looking compact growth habit, good cold tolerance, is very slow to go to seed, so you can count on the foliage looking great and producing herbs for cooking for longer than the common form. One of the most ornamental looking herbs, great in any garden, pot or green wall.

Cooking Uses: Great for salads, and general cooking subtlety is the aim and a traditional flavour is required.

Flavour Rating: chefhat


OZVIVA™ Oregano