Mellow™ Thyme

Finally, a Thyme for salads

Mellow™ Thymus serpyllum 'WT01' 


Common Name: Thyme

Description: A mild flavoured herb with an ultra-mild taste. Normally Thyme is too strong to use in traditional salads, but this herb is about to change all that. With the slightest hint of flavour this herb wants to used for salads.    

Planting, Growth and Tolerances: A great looking compact habit and a low spreading form, it is slower to go to seed, so the foliage will stay looking good and producing herbs for far longer than the common form. Ideal for green walls and gardens in general.

Cooking Uses: For the first time, Thyme can be a real traditional ingredient in salads. This herb is a little too mild for cooked dishes, so it would be better to use a stronger Thyme, such as Sassy™ for cooked dishes.

Flavour Rating: chefhat